Welcome Groovy Juice established 1996, now celebrating twenty years!
NEW! Hand-Made Jewelry Design Section
Store owner Lanajean has been creating unique one-of-a-kind jewerly to accent the selection of vintage clothing for sale. The latest collection of earrings and necklaces uses bits and scraps of recycled, cruelty free leather bits and pieces. Lanajean has torn apart damaged leather clothing like old jackets and purses to recreate them into wearable art at affordable prices. No design is ever repeated, so the pieces are as unique as you would expect from a store like Groovy Juice. The collection will expand to include jewerly created from single earrings. textiles, vintage buttons and other bits and pieces and other found items.   Lanajean has been crafting for a long time as a hobby. She has finally found the courage to debut some of her design ideas to the public, adding her personal creations as part of her existing vintage clothing business. Everything on the hand-made jewerly page was made by her own hands, and she hope you'll give it a glance.