Welcome Groovy Juice established 1996, now celebrating twenty years!
February 2020 Announcements

Happy Black History Month!  We salute the valuable contributions of African-Americans to our culture. 

Store announcements for February 2020.   Our new items are up!!  We are also photographing more items for a new mix of old favorites.

Eventually the sewing patterns and most supplies will go on our new ETSY page called Groovy Juice Recycled. They offer additional payment options to our international customers. We will not be adding any new sewing patterns to Groovy Juice, please visit our ETSY shop for sewing supplies and a few other surprises you won't find here. 

YES WE HAVE fixed all security issues on Groovy Juice. There is now a valid security certificate, and also the recaptcha software has been updated. SHOP HERE WITH CONFIDENCE using Paypal. .  . with additional payment options available on ETSY. . .thanks for your patience. We are exploring updated cart altarnatives and your customer feedback is most welcome! Contact us through our feedback form.

Lanajean has added a collection of hand-made knit skull caps using upcycled fabric embellishments. Your purchase of thse items helps support 2020 Recycled Fabric Design entrees in state and local fairs to promote recycling to all. You can also donate to the cause here. Just cut and paste the link into your browers for paypal/me.

See you next month for SPRING store announcements. Thanks for your business.